Note to existing users: to upgrade, get WXSIMUPG.EXE, not WXSIMDEM.EXE, as the latter may overwrite your custom data. Customers who ordered before July 22, 2008 will retain professional mode status (and of course your previous customization) when upgrading. (For upgrades from pre 10.0, it may reset the default to the Atlanta demo - see the notes below the Buy Now buttons below).
Notice that the downloads are now for the complete package of WXSIM programs: wxsim.exe (the main program), wxsimate.exe (the data collection program), and wret.exe (the forecast retrieval and analysis program, already packaged with wxsim.exe before). These now each have their own desktop icons and can be run separately, but the latter two can be started from within wxsim.exe as well.

WXSIM (including WXSIMATE 9.1, WRET, WXSIM-Lite 2.7, AutoLearn-WX 3.9.4 demo, Euromix 1.3, and legacy wxsimatexp.exe for Windows XP users) - Full Version 2023 (Build 1.0), with demo sites, 5.02 MB, Download now: WXSIMDEM.EXE, and run this installer, preferably using the default targer folder c:\wxsim. Alternatively (if your antivirus objects to downloading .exe files): WXSIMDEM.ZIP (extract the .exe and run that, again, prefereably targeting c:\wxsim).

WXSIM (including WXSIMATE 9.1, WRET, WXSIM-Lite 2.7, and AutoLearn-WX 3.9.4 demo, Euromix 1.3, and legacy wxsimatexp.exe for Windows XP users) - Upgrade to Version 2023 (Build 1.0), FOR EXISTING USERS, 4.92 MB, Download now: WXSIMUPG.EXE, or alternatively (if your antivirus objects to downloading .exe files): WXSIMUPG.ZIP (extract the .exe and run that, targeting c:\wxsim, if that's where you installed originally).

Quick Start Guide (updated 2/5/2017, using the latest versions of the software!), as WXSIMQUICKSTART.PDF (1.5 MB).

WXSIM forecast verification study (Wordpad document), 0.48 MB, Download now: WXSTUDY.DOC.

Clima-Sim Climate Simulator Version 3.0, 3.47 MB, Download now: CLIMASETUP.EXE, or CLIMASETUP.ZIP

Purchase WXSIM Customization

You can now order directly from this page. Ordering is secure, because it is all done through the PayPal "Buy Now" buttons below. You can use your credit card and don't even need to have a PayPal account. I don't personally process the credit card information; PayPal takes care of that.

Note: Be sure to have already downloaded and tested the demo version(s) above. What you are actually paying for if and when you order is my time and effort setting up the data files for your specific site. If you need other ordering options, such as multiple sites or site licensing, go to the Ordering Information page.

Please also send an email advising me of your order, both as back-up notification and (optionally) to provide site information to help me get started on your job. In any case, I will be contacting you shortly (usually within a day or two).


WXSIM/WXSIMATE Customized Packages

WXSIM Standard mode - Basic customization: $129

WXSIM Professional mode - Basic customization: $179

WXSIM Standard mode - Enhanced customization: $199

WXSIM Professional mode - Enhanced customization: $249


Additional Fee for Site Licensing (only if you've ordered customization, either just now or previously)

Site license for 3 to 5 computers: $60
Site license for 6 to 9 computers: $120
Site license for 10 or more computers: $180



AutoLearn-WX registration (existing WXSIM professional mode customers only): $40
WXSIMATE customization for one site (WXSIM customers who have not upgraded since 2003, only): $49
Upgrade from pre-10.0 versions (existing WXSIM customers only): $49
Upgrade from standard to professional mode (for initial purchases of Version 12.2 and later): $50
Upgrade from basic to enhanced customization (for initial purchases of Version 12.2 and later): $70
Donation towards development, or pre-arranged amount for special services:

About the "Donate" button: The main use of this button is to allow users to specify odd amounts for special services not covered by the options above, such as minor recustomizations or discounted additional sites. The other use is to contribute towards further development and help offset expenses of time and money (upgrades, supply of data and personal customer support - all of which are provided at no charge, hopefully for some time to come), which grow in proportion to the number of existing users rather than to the rate of new ones. Please don't feel obligated (as you've probably paid a decent price for the initial customization anyway!), but if you would like to contribute, your generosity is most appreciated!


Purchase Clima-Sim Registration (please send serial number from registration form in program to (Note that this is NOT WXSIM - see above for WXSIM ordering options)

Clima-Sim Standard Registration: $49.00
Clima-Sim Professional Registration: $139.00
Clima-Sim Upgrade to Professional Registration: $90.00



The shareware and upgrade downloads for WXSIM and WXSIMATE are in an easy- to-use form, as executable installers (compiled using Inno Setup, by jrsoftware). There's a 'Wizard' to guide you through the (very simple) process.

The installation is still very clean, with all program files for both WXSIM and WXSIMATE placed in a single directory (default name c:\wxsim), so uninstallation (as if you'd want to do that!!!) is very simple and total. Icons are provided and installed onto your Desktop and into the Program Files directory, so that you don't have to set up the shortcuts manually (though of course they can easily be removed if you like).

If you're new to WXSIM, you'll want the full 'demo' package, which is full-featured, but with Atlanta and a few other sample sites, instead of your own. The name of this file is wxsimdem.exe and it's about 3.74 MB, and installation takes only about 14 MB of disk space. If you're already a registered WXSIM user, you need the upgrade (wxsimupg.exe), which will leave your custom and initialization files alone.