What WXSIM Users Have to Say

"Having been extremely interested in weather and weather data all my life, I discovered WXSIM on the Internet in 1998 and was immediately impressed and intrigued! Immediately I knew it was a program that I just had to have!! I have been using it since then on daily basis and have witnessed more upgrades from Tom than I can count! If I remember correctly, when I first started using the program, much data had to be retrieved and entered manually. Words cannot describe the enjoyment that WXSIM has provided me! I use the custom / professional mode and it's amazing just how accurate it is here in the mountains! I know its main forte is temperature prediction, but it's very accurate predicting ice and snow here. In fact, through the years it has been much more accurate than NWS!! Thanks , Tom, for an amazing program and the support and improvements you are constantly making!" - Alan Sykes, Cleveland, GA

"As a new user I had to go through sending Tom all my data. Tom eagerly both answered my many questions and did the fine tuning of my data. We had a lot of mails going back and forth, resulting in a very precise weather bulletin for my area. I am still new to this and have a lot to learn but Tom is a great teacher. Despite our language differences and especially time difference, Tom always answered promptly and had the correct solution ready. I can warmly recommend you trying out this weather program – it is solid as a rock and has a good interface." - Christian Pejstrup, Denmark

"I am completely blown away. I am having so much fun with WXSIM and in just the last couple of days I have learned more from using the program than I learned in months of reading about forecasting and watching the Weather Channel. I just wanted say thank you for the hard work and all the support. I will write back in a week or two and let you know how things are going." - Rich Tenze, Northglenn, CO

"The program is doing better on temp than the NWS. I am still learning what all it can do." - Chuck Lineberger, Tehachapi, CA

"I really enjoy the program, and believe it's more accurate than anyone or anything else. Thanks again for all of your time and help." - Jack Cannon, Chugwater, WY

"Been using the software now for ~5 years.
Most reliable forecasts from this area come from your program.
The GFS models found at NOAA are working the best out here.
High temps usually fall within 1-2 degrees, Highs normally peak around 12:00PM to 1:00PM then the sea breeze kicks in and temps begin a slow afternoon fall. WXSIM picks this up real well. Santa Ana conditions interrupt this pattern, with high pressures around Utah, Nevada ... I just shut off the sea breeze routine on those days ... temps continue to build during the afternoon.
Fog is always a challenge but WXSIM picks it up as well as anything else I've seen." - John Olszewski, San Diego, CA

"Whew! WXSIM is becoming even more powerful the more I experiment!"
"I just looked at the customization topic on your Web site. I’m not surprised since I looked at cty.flt, or whatever it is, about a week ago. That’s what amazed me: that’s a LOT of work collecting, collating, and analyzing the data! On the other hand, that type of “obsession” is well worth it for those of us who are users. Your work is DEFINITELY appreciated!!"
I’m not sure whether they call them “programs” any longer, but if not, your “software” is amazing.
I’ve continued to work with it each day by preparing forecasts using WXSIM, computer models, analysis of the atmosphere (e.g., theta-e, pressures, etc.), and a 4 dimensional view of our regional situation with WXSIM used as a means of collecting the data into a coherent whole. I’ve found that you’ve beat the NWS here EVERY day! I’m not very experienced using it, but this has been a strange two week period. Temperatures have been much above seasonal norms, we have had almost no snow, and the split flow around us has visited winter weather on the Chicago area but not us.
In particular, the temperature forecasts have been excellent: within a degree or ½ degree every day. In fact, I often doubted, but found when WXSIM called for 30 degree temperatures and the NWS forecast 28 degrees, I could bet on the 30 degrees. Wind speeds have been more problematic, but then again, we’ve had little advection of any kind because most of the air around us for hundreds of miles has been warm and dry.

Now I’m working to master the interrupt routines, since it’s clear that in having a clear picture of the atmosphere and its changes, needed for using the interrupt/advection routines, pays dividends in the forecast itself.
So, thanks again. Once again, my congratulations. If it were for nothing else, WXSIM has been a wonderful teacher of the philosophy of science." - Mike Allen, Plymouth, MN

"I have been using WXSIM for over a year, and I am extremely happy with the
program. I was pleased to hear about the WXSIMATE program because I found
the process of downloading data always a bit boring. I also like the
option to download data from my weatherstation." - Richard van der Haak, The Netherlands

"I really appreciate the well-written program and support. WXSIM has an excellent reputation among my neighborhood and friends... I probably use it a dozen times a year - of course when the weather is "interesting" :) It's been uncannily good at calling snowfall totals, so when we've got a storm bearing down, people call me to find out what's really going on. Thanks for all your hard work and help!" - Tim Martin, Cogan Station, PA

"I just wanted to let you know that a forecast I ran late monday the 21st was just about on the mark. I used the ready data for CVG for a three day period. The forecast from the local folks including the NWS was 8-12 inches of snow. The only time sleet was forecasted was at the begining of the storm. When I worked up my forecast on the wxsim it keep bringing in sleet/snow mix on wednesday night/thursday morning. I kept thinking this is wrong but every time I re did the forecast it came up the same. Snow depth forecast for CVG (on wxsim)was 9.1 and actual snowfall was 8.7. I live north of the airport in ohio and the avg snow depth in my back yard was "9.5". The only parameter that was off a bit was the temperature. The attachments are 24hr observations from cvg and my wxsim forecast." - Jim French

"Well, I'm impressed ... I'm still learning how to tweak a little ... but without tweaking any, WXSIM has been terribly accurate; more so than I would have expected." - Terry Long, White Plains, NY

"It seem to me that Wxsim has a tendency to lean toward the warm side. On cold,calm,clear nights Wxsim's predicted temperature is usually about two degrees above the actual temperature and on hot and hazy days it's usually about one or two degrees higher. Other than that Wxsim does a very good job. So keep up the good work!" - Ken Bearden, Conyers, GA

"by the way, WXSIM forecasted 52 for me this morning, I hit 52.5.....not too shabby." - Shane Adams, Tallulah Falls, GA

"I have a few questions regarding timing of data etc. But first I would like to say what a great piece of software WXSIM is. I am not sure I have got a full handle on it yet. But boy am I learning about meteorology!! It has certainly kept me busy - much to my wife's consternation!!" - Terry Aldredge, Buckinghamshire, U.K.

"I have been using the software daily since it arrived and have been able to tweak it to produce very solid forecasts. Of course the big test will be once I have a good front coming through but so far I am very pleased and impressed. I would like to get WXSIMATE setup when you get a chance. I have downloaded and installed the file, so I just need to activate it. Thanks again for all of your help and support. It is truly appreciated." - Chuck Boudreaux, Berwick, LA

" Having been a registered user of WXSIM for about 8 years now, I have been able to watch it’s progression from a DOS based program up to the present Windows version. Being one of about 15 registered users of the old DOS version, I have been involved in using and beta testing WXSIM since the early days of the program. It has been a useful tool for my forecasting needs for years...
For the weather hobbyist, or those interested in weather forecasting, both WXSIM and WXSIMATE are certainly well worth the cost. You gain the ability to obtain an accurate, local prediction from a high quality computer forecast model. There really is nothing else on the market today that comes close." - Russ Keen, Ferrell, NJ

"Just a quick follow up note to let you know things are still going extremely well. I used the WXSIMATE to get data for a new forcast. The download went well, and the data was all there and easy to access. The forcast output was within 2 degrees for several forecast hours, and was exactly on the money for two of them. I just realized too, that with WXSIM, I can now play with the big boys, and make a true ensemble forecast. I used to do a "poor man's" ensemble, by using the NGM, Eta, and GFS profiles from Bufkit. Now, by just varying the initial conditions slightly, I will produce a true ensemble forecast. Thanks again for such a good product."

" I am currently running Digital Atmosphere Workstation, SwiftWeather, BUFKIT, RAOB, and PCGRIDDS32 on my computer, and find WXSIM a valuable addition to my weather tools. It makes my computer a miniature National Weather Service."

WXSIM is a geat deal of fun to use, and very informative, too. I'd like to relate a recent occurrance to you. I downloaded the data as usual,(the template you provided was very useful-thanks!), and ran WXSIM as usual. The forecast output was somewhat unexpected though. It called for the overnight temperature to fall to -4F. The NWS forecast for the same evening called for cloudy skies to remain in place ovenight, with a low temperature of 9F. Imagine my surprise the next morning to find the skies clear and an overnight low of -5F! Way to go WXSIM! - Carl Sidor, Hesperia, MI