News Briefs

July 16, 2012: Wow, almost four years since updating this page (most "news" is placed on the main page). Probably the biggest news at this point is the introduction of WXSIMPRO, the multi-site controller program for WXSIM users who have two or more sites. This can be handled, less conveniently, by placing copies of WXSIM in multiple folders, but that gets awkward past two or three site. You can learn more here.

July 22, 2008: Another long-overdue update! Version 12.0 of WXSIM and 4.0 of WXSIMATE are now availble, with new options and a new pricing structure.

A major renovation of the surface and upper air station databases has been completed, based on stations actually reporting on several selected dates in June and July, 2008. New WXSIM customizations will be able to draw on a worldwide file of 8378 surface sites (including 473 buoys). Of the land-based sites, 5469 have METAR reports, 5920 have synoptic reports, and 3484 have both. The upper air (RAOB) data base now has 764, worldwide.

February 10, 2007: I'm finally updating the "news"! Version 11.5 of WXSIM and Version 3.4.1 of WXSIMATE are released today. See the Revision History section to see what's new.

August 16, 2005: After several months of work and a great deal of testing, WXSIM Version 10.0 is released today!

January 8, 2005: WXSIM Version 9.5 is re-released, just with changes in manual.doc and the in readme9.txt to reflect recent changes in the URL's for Florida State University's data. Also, WXSIMATE is upgraded to Version 1.6.1 to reflect these same changes. The new URL's are:

FSU RAW DATA (large files) -
ALSO, when you go to the buoy data, it's best to just use: to get to the main page (I'd previously put the extension "data/" after that, which seems to bring up a page that just sayd "Shame"!)

December 27, 2004: WXSIM Version 9.4 and WXSIMATE Version 1.4 are released. These are now distributed via executable setup programs rather than the old (and occasionally awkward) ZIP file method.

I am considering moving this web site, and perhaps changing my email address in the next couple of months. This is not final yet, but if I do, I'll try to set up forwarding so that you can easily find us!

August 21, 2004: WXSIMATE Version 1.1 is released. Improvements over Version 1.0 include a better-functioning progress bar, the ability to import data from Weather Display as well as WeatherLink, and an updated URL for buoy data (see below).

The FSU decoded buoy data URL changed a few days ago. It is now

July 14, 2004: Version 9.0 is released. This a significant upgrade, especially in that it can now import data from the new WXSIMATE companion program. See New Features and Revision History for details.

A major renovation of the surface and upper air station databases has been completed, based on stations actually reporting on several selected dates in June and July, 2004. New WXSIM customizations will be able to draw on over 7200 surface sites (including nearly 350 buoys) and over 700 upper air sites, worldwide.

Also, note that the PSU buoy data has been moved to FSU. The new URL is:

January 24, 2004: Version 8.9.1 is released. This a relatively minor upgrade, but still has a couple of nice new features and a couple of bug fixes. See New Features and Revision History for details.

November 8, 2003: Version 8.9 is released. This is the most significan upgrade in years, with many new features and larger forms and graphics. See New Features and Revision History for details.

September 5, 2003: Version 8.8.2 is released, primarily in quick response to a change in the last couple of days to the READY data's column headings. This change rendered earlier version incapable of importing READY cloud cover, sea level pressure, and precipitation. The new version restores these capabilities. A note regarding the READY site: I saw a notice on the site that access would be denied to computers attempting to use automated programs or scripts to download data from the site. WXSIM does NOT do this, and never has. The operators of the site are concerned about two things: traffic jams caused by such automated scripts or programs, and the fact that such a use (or abuse) of the site prevents proper viewing of the site as a whole, possibly allowing data to be presented without proper credit being seen. I do not know of any WXSIM users who might have tried to access the site with automated scripts, but please don't. Just take the couple of minutes to get the data manually, and enjoy the rest of this very fine site!

July 15, 2003: Version 8.8 is officially released, with a number of new features and improvements. The customization process has been improved and is more thorough than ever, with usually about 250 advection sites and new capabilities for modeling climatological normals. Also, in most cases I can thoroughly analyze home weather station data, as well as that from major reporting stations, to fine tune to your site. The price for customization is now $74.95.

June 28, 2003: Work is already underway on the next release, Version 8.8. It will contain a few features designed to reduce the number of mouse clicks needed to run the program, thus saving users a bit of time. A couple of other improvements are planned as well.

You can now view a "webcast" interview with the author, discussing the program! I was invited to appear on the HVAC Channel, watched by a fair number of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning folks - perhaps not the number one market for such a program - but a nice opportunity nonetheless! You can view the streaming video and audio at . As of this writing, it's under "Idea Exchange" at the upper left of the page; by the end of July I understand it will be in the archives. It's just over 30 minutes long and includes a slide presentation as well as actual display of the program in operation. I hope it will answer some questions, and it at least lets you see who's on the other end of this program!

Finally, I would be interested to hear ideas regarding possible future upgrades, modules, or related services. Here are a few ideas I'm considering: